/ by Caleb Blansett

How to:

{an instruction letter in parts
equal and separate
whole and dictatorial}

How to Die: 

Step One: wake up in the morning
Step Two: when putting on your shirt remember
to stick your head in the hole
close your eyes

{wake up in the morning}

Step Three: remember your name
Step Four: when looking in the mirror forget

Step Six: when eating breakfast
glue-slow so as to

{gaining definition is a process
of input and output
beginning with sensory input
ending with sensory output
the self as a malleable sieve}

Step Seven: remember your name
Step Eight: when exploring your gender
to remember your name
close your eyes

Step Nine: when falling in love
Step Ten: remember your name so as to
break-fast so as to


Step Eleven: remember your name
so as to have something solid to
break fast in the morning

{part of a nutritious breakfast}

Step Twelve: dying is the hardest thing you'll ever
not grow into two
into three
into four
Step Thirteen: grow into every thought you
never had a touch that felt
like yourself even though every touch
was a self you never grew

Step Fourteen: remember that you are a whole
Step fifteen: remember that I am a whole
Step Sixteen: remember to stick your head through
every hole

{to die is not an act of death but rather an act
of hiding from your own name)

Step Seventeen: forget your name
Step Eighteen: stick your head through the whole
Step Nineteen: glue-slow
Step twenty: die