3.5.17 / by Caleb Blansett


a new religion

in which we recognize the fallacy

of our gods

as projections of ourselves

my body is not a temple

my body is not a temple

Virgin Mary never bled for the sanctity

of cruelty within my chest

and the Devil never rebelled

against perfection for the sake of

this smoldering empathy in my bones

this is a bad ritual

pretending that we're too old to die young

rattle the bars of your rib cage

Pillars of Creation

but dont move for the key

Pandora's Box, guarded by

serpent biting its own tail

forever chasing an errant sense of absolution

theres no freedom in martyrdom

theres no freedom in martyrdom

except the satisfaction of having

killed a God

David & Goliath

kiss the lips of your severed head

30 seconds of liberation

love's sweet embrace

honey in the ribs of a dead lion

beauty and the beast

kiss your severed head